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Cale Kenney, owner of Tell Tale Publishing, is the author of Have Crutch Will Travel: The Adventures of a Modern Day Calamity Jane and one unpublished autobiography, Miss American Pie. For two years in the '90s, Cale was the editor and publisher of the e-zine Howlings: Wild Women of the West, for which she developed a database of 135 local women, giving voice to a community of writers.

Cale, who lost her leg at age nineteen during her freshman year at UMASS Amherst, was graduated in 1975 and moved to the Fraser Valley in 1977 in order to train and qualify for the US Disabled Ski Team. Cale became the Woman's National Three-Track Ski Champion in 1979 and competed in the Winter Olympic Games for the Disabled in Norway in 1980, also medaling in at least two events in the years in between.

After a knee injury temporarily sidelined her skiing career a few days before she was to compete in World Championship Games in Switzerland in 1982, she had a comeback in 1983, winning two silver medals at the US Nationals in Squaw Valley. After retiring from racing in 1983, she continued skiing until 1999 when an overuse injury of her upper extremities forced her into a power wheelchair.

Cale grew up in Boston and earned her B.A. in Amherst, MA in 1975. She went on to receive a Master of Arts in English from Colorado State University where she began teaching college-level English classes, a job she has performed in many places since. Cale has worked as a reporter, weekly columnist and sports editor for the Winter Park Manifest as well as a freelance writer for many magazines including Powder Magazine, Alpenglo Magazine, ESPN's TV Sports and Women's Sports. Currently Cale teaches a correspondence course in writing through the USDA Grad School.

Have Crutch Will Travel, a memoir of Cale's travels and misadventures, qualifies this transplanted Easterner--who pioneered as one of the first women on the first US Disabled Ski Team, in its first generation--as a modern day Calamity Jane, her grade school namesake. Cale travels infrequently now and has promoted Have Crutch Will Travel in Colorado during 2003 with special readings. She will be sharing a variety of humorous stories and personal reflections from her first self-published book length work at more upcoming events in 2004.

Cale can be contacted at

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